CS:GO No smoke/flash exploit

Another great thread has sprung up on the Steam forumsSteam forums. A forum user by the name "Deman" has discovered a no smoke and no flash exploit in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta. He goes on to say:

"So in my previous topic I wanted to keep the exploit private. But seeing how I got little response I think the best solution it to bring it to daylight."

The instructions on how to do it are below:

Type sv_cheats 1
Exec the configs or enter them manually.
Type sv_cheats 0
Join a server, if it doesn't works disconnect and repeat the steps listed above.
VAC proof since it doesn't alter any files and is purely a cvar exploit.

He also provides a very good youtube video of the exploit

Valve and HPE should be all over this by next update due this Friday. Stay tuned for more about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with CS:GO Replays - Keeping you in the know with Counter-Strike: GO.

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