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Once again an excellent discussion is taking place on the Steam forumsSteam forums, this time the topic of discussion is the weapon_recoil_model setting for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The thread is quite popular, reaching 12,500 views in under one week which is quite impressive.

A Steam forum user by the name of "venom :: zid" discovered that when the weapon_recoil_model is changed from its default "2" to a setting of "0" appears to make the spray patterns, recoil and kickback more consistent with the previous Counter-Strike games, CS:S and CS 1.6. He posted a few videos to back up his point which is greatly appreciated, see below.

Why this is important

It is very important for Valve, HPE and the community as a whole to take notice of this and act on it because for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be just as successful as the previous games, it needs to stay close knit with its predecessors and take what makes CS, CS. If you have been following the scene closely you would have noticed a lot of threads on various forums popping up explaining just how bad spraying a gun is right now in CS:GO.

To replicate these settings and test it out for yourself and if you have access to CS:GO Beta right now, see below:

1.) Add "+weapon_recoil_model 0" without the quotes to your CS:GO launch options command line.
2.) Launch the game.
3.) Type in console "map de_dust2_se" to load the map.
4.) Turn on sv_cheats 1, then enter impulse 101 so you will have 16k starting.
Not all of the weapons are using this recoil model because they are new but the ones which were in previous Counter-Strike games will work so test with them.

In other news a new update should come out today or tomorrow (depending on geographic location). The CS:GO Devs have hinted that the good old screen shake should be in the update amongst other changes. Stay tuned...

Update: It appears that the first person to discover the cvar was a steam forum user by the name of "Saul", while "venom :: zid" and other forum users looked into the "weapon_recoil_model 0" cvar making this issue gain wider attention. Refer to this threadthis thread for the original discovery. Thanks to steam forum user "perestain" for clarification.

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